Friday, February 28, 2014

Chicken with Bell Peppers

Weekdays are always busy. Coming home from work famished, dinner needs to be done as quickly as possible. When I say quickly, I mean less than 30 min. 20 min is even better.

This chicken is done under 30 min.

Either buy chicken on your way home from work or remember to take out the chicken from the freezer to thaw it in the morning before you leave for work. I usually take the chicken out from the freezer in the morning. Then, when I come home in the evening hungry, I can get to work immediately without waiting for the frozen chicken to thaw.

Not a fan of bell peppers? You can substitute it with broccoli or green beans. Since I am making only one thing for dinner, I like to meat and some veggies in it.

For 2-4 servings, you need:

1 lb chicken (boneless, skinless breasts or thighs cut into small 1" pieces)
2½ tablespoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated or paste
1½ medium onion, finely diced [Small pieces will cook quickly, hence less cooking time]
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour [ Use gluten-free all purpose flour to make this GF ]
3 tablespoon white oil

2 tablespoon tamari (soy sauce) [ For GF, use gluten free tamari]
1 tablespoon white vinegar
½ tablespoon cornstarch
½ tablespoon sugar
1½ teaspoon cayenne


Heat a skillet with 2 tbsp oil on med-high to high heat. Higher heat reduces cooking time. However, use the heat level at which you can cook comfortably. If you have all this ready before start, use high heat. If you are prepping while cooking (as I do), use med-high heat.

Coat the chicken pieces with 1 tablespoon of flour and salt for seasoning. Add it to the heated oil and fry for 5 minutes, turning them around the pan until they are nicely browned.

While the chicken is browning, chop the onion. Remove the chicken pieces from the pan and keep aside. Add rest of the oil to the pan. Add the onion and fry till they are translucent. While the onion is cooking, get the ginger and garlic ready. Add it to the onions, season with salt, and fry for another 5 min or till the raw smell is gone.

Add the chicken back into the pan. Add the sauce and the chopped bell peppers. Stir and mix properly such that the chicken is coated with the onion and sauce. Put the lid on your pan and simmer for another 5 min till the sauce has thickened and the chicken is cooked all the way through.

Taste for seasoning. Serve hot with rice or noodles.

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