Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Best Burger Recipe with Pink Sauce

How frequently does it happen that you hear a tune and it got stuck in your head all day? 

Frequently. Right?

Now, how frequently does a picture or a video clip get stuck in your head?

Not often. Never? What?

This happens to me almost everyday. Does that make me weird?

Don’t answer that.

Especially if the photograph or the video clip is about food, I’ll be thinking about it all day. That’s what happened a few weeks ago.

(I’ve been lazy lately and not posting regularly.)

So, my husband and me are big fans of the TV show “Arrow”. We don’t miss a thing. If you know this show, you’ll know that Oliver Queen (the hero and the superhero “Arrow”) and his assistant goes to this burger joint in Starling City called “Big Belly Burger” at their leisure time. I mean, whenever he is not busy being “Arrow”. Now, every time I am watching this show and they show the characters having burger at Big Belly Burger, I get this incredible craving of having burgers. I’ll be thinking about that scene, when they dig into their burger and say how good it is, all day. I have to get a burger fix.

Thinking of burgers, the first place that comes to my mind is In n Out burger. (There’s no Big Belly in San Diego. Or is there? I’ve to check.) But, instead of going out, I decided to make burgers at home with In n Out Copycat pink sauce. Turned out to be the best. Loved it.

On a side note: If I ever open a burger joint, I’ll be naming it, well you guessed it, Big Belly Burger.

For 4 burgers, you need:

1 lb ground beef (I used 70% lean. Better is 60%.)
Salt and pepper for seasoning
1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce
Tomato, sliced
Red onion, sliced (I don't like raw onion in my burger, so I made caramelized "grilled" onion for my burger. To caramelize onion: add slices of one yellow onion to a sauté pan on medium-low heat with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Put the lid on the pan. Check every 10 min to see that the onions don't burn but get soft and caramelized. Takes about half and hour.)
4 or more slices of cheese (I used Kraft's American cheese)
Special Pink Sauce (recipe below)
4 Hamburger buns

Special Pink Sauce (In n Out Burger copycat)

½ cup mayonaise (Hellman's mayonaise are gluten free)
¼ cup ketchup (Heinz Ketchup is gluten free)
¼ cup relish (gluten free)
⅛ teaspoon (a pinch) salt
⅛ teaspoon (a pinch) sugar
⅛ teaspoon (a pinch) onion powder
¼ teaspoon (2 pinches) garlic powder
½ tablespoon worcestershire sauce


Add worcestershire sauce to ground beef and mix it well. Divide the meat in four portions and make patties. Make the middle of the patties thinner than the outside. This will prevent the patties from swelling up when cooking.

Put a pan on or griddle on medium-high heat. Cook one side of the patties for 3 min. Flip it over and cook for another 3-4 min. Place a slice of cheese on top and remove the patty when the cheese is melty.

For Pink Sauce:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Store away the unused sauce in a jar in your refrigerator. It will have the same life as your ketchup or mayo.

Build your burger:

Top part of bun
Caramelized onion
Beef patty
Pink sauce
Lower part of bun

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