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#5. Lining a pan with foil- How many times has it happened that the foil tore as you tried to press the foil into the corners of your baking tray? Numerous times for me, in fact the purpose of no mess clean up is completely defeated. Here's a trick:

Tear off a long sheet of aluminum foil according to the size of your pan. Place it flat on your counter. Center your pan on the foil and press the foil up against the outside of the pan and fold corners neatly. Carefully lift the pan from the foil. Place the foil inside the baking pan and press slightly. TA DA!

#4. Want to enjoy soft warm tortillas? Use a microwave safe tortilla warmer. If you buy cooked tortillas, this can be really helpful. Microwave for just 30 seconds to get nice warm tortillas. Everytime you have leftover rotis, naans, chapatis, warm them in this. They will be soft and not rubbery at all. Another good thing: It's cheap and you can get it from Amazon and other stores.

#3. I always use fresh ginger paste in my cooking instead of the store bought jars. Store bought ginger paste has added preservatives which does make it taste a little different than the fresh one. But sometimes I find it bothersome to grate/ grind a small amount of ginger every time I cook, so this is what I do:

Peel and roughly chop about 1cup of fresh ginger root.

Add 2 tbsp of water and grind to make a smooth paste.

Store it in a microwave safe container in your freezer for at least 3 weeks.

Every time you need it, either thaw it ahead of time or just microwave for 30 secs (if you forget to take it out of freezer). Fresh ginger paste ready for your every preparation. 

#2. This is very helpful. Use these simple tricks to store your food!

#1. This video helped me to learn how to chop like a chef

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