Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lentil Dumplings Curry - masoor dal-er borar jhol/jhal

There are very few things that can be enjoyed as snacks and also again in a curry. This is one of them. But, you see, there is a problem. These snacks are so good, that rarely is there any leftover to turn into a curry. Oh, sorry I should have mentioned earlier - I am talking about my delicious Red Lentil Fritters!

If you have tried them already, then you know that it is difficult to resist these little perfect morsels. In fact, I made these 3 times one week, with the hope that once I'll be able to make curry with them. It was the fourth time that I had to keep it away from my husband to be able to make the curry. He wasn't very happy initially when he learnt that I am keeping it away from him. But later, he appreciated my effort saying "I almost forgot what this curry taste like, this is awesome!"

The name "lentil fritters curry" didn't quite seem right. These fritters are crispy outside and soft inside. But once they are dipped in the tomato curry, they soak up the curry with all the flavors of spices like a sponge and become soft pillows. Hence the name "lentil dumplings curry". 

You need (serves 4-6):

Follow the recipe of "Red lentil fritters" to make about 50 fritters.

1 medium sized Russet potato, chopped

1 medium sized yellow onion, diced

1½ tablespoon of fresh ginger paste

1½ teaspoon fresh cumin powder

2 green chilis or red chili powder (use according to your tolerance of heat)

1 medium tomato. chopped

pinch of turmeric


Canola/vegetable oil for cooking


Heat oil in a deep pan on medium heat. Add the green chilis. Add the potato pieces and fry them with salt and turmeric.

When the potato pieces are brownish outside, add the onion, ginger, cumin, (and chili powder), salt to taste, mix well and fry. This may take some time. 

When the onions are soft and cooked and the raw smell of spices is gone, add the tomato. Cook till it is soft and mixed well with everything else. 

Add water to cover the potatoes and simmer till the potatoes are cooked.

When the potatoes are done, add the fritters. Add more water till all the fritters are covered. Don't worry about adding too much water, the fritters will soak all up. Taste for salt and cover with a lid. Wait for 5-10 min.

Garnish with cilantro and serve hot with rice/ indian bread.

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  1. your blog is a great source of wonderfully delicious and unique recipes. I have tried many of your recipes especially the veggie ones and all my family loved them.


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