Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 min cake, 10 min raspberry sauce!

From craving to savoring in 15 min.

Go ahead and treat yourself at the end of your day with this!

I am no baker as I have already said many times before, do I still need to convince you? But I love to treat myself with a nice cake but the effort it takes to make one seems to be humongous for me (and failing after all that effort is so disheartening). Hence, comes my quick fix...faking baking (again)! Honestly speaking, this recipe may not be restaurant quality but I did savor it when I craved for a piece of cake at 9 pm.

I got inspired from a post by Edible Garden which she posted on facebook recently. Cake in 5 min! I had to try it! I love chocolate cake but I didn't have any cocoa powder in my pantry, so I added shredded chocolate chips (my fancy way of saying- chop your chocolate pieces with your knife into small pieces) to the recipe. Although this is an eggless recipe [Unfortunately I had no eggs either in my refrigerator that night, isn't that sad?], it turned out really nice. However my next one will be a proper chocolate cake in 1 min with egg. Will post that sometime later :)

Both me and my husband are very fond of a particular dessert joint in San Diego called "Extraordinary Desserts". They have the most fabulous cakes and ambience. I love a particular cake called "Truffe Framboise". Well, how about making my own raspberry/framboise sauce and add it to my quick cake. I have made this raspberry sauce a multiple time before and with strawberrys too. Turns out great every time. There are so many ways you can use this sauce. My favorite was, until now, to generously drizzle over a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I slather it over almost anything, cookies, toast, even add it to yogurt!

Well, Enjoy this anytime you want, anyway you want!

5 min cake:
2 tbsp all purpose flour

1½ tbsp granulated sugar

¼ tsp baking powder

⅛ tsp salt

2 tbsp milk

1 tbsp oil/ melted cool butter

¼ tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp chocolate chips (ran my knife through it to make small pieces)

Raspberry sauce:
6 oz raspberry

¼ cup sugar

juice of ½ lime

pinch of chili powder (Not to make it hot but to cut the sweetness a little!)

pinch of salt

Method for Cake:

Add all the dry ingredients to a microwave safe cup/mug except chocolate chips.

Then add all the wet ingredients.

Mix well. I whisked with a fork like I would whisk an egg.

Add the chocolate chips.

Transfer to a small bowl sprayed with non-stick oil (PAM), only if you want to decorate like I did. Otherwise put it in the microwave for 1 min. [IMPORTANT- Every microwave oven is different. My cake was done in 1 min. I check it poking with a toothpick. Keep an eye on your cup when it's in the microwave. Also, use at least a 8 oz cup/mug for this otherwise it will spill in the microwave oven.]

Method for sauce:

Add all the ingredients in a small sauce pan and put it on medium heat. In a min or two, you will see the raspberries breaking down and the juices flowing. Cook for 2 more minutes and depending on the consistency you desire, take it off heat and cook. It will thicken more as it cools. Don't worry if you have thickened it too much, you can always loosen it with some water, as I always do.


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    1. Thanks a lot Nagalakshmi. It means a lot coming from you :)

  2. Wow one minute cake is awesome. Pl. Visit me too dear.

    1. Thanks Linsy for visiting my blog :) Your blog is wonderful.I will surely visit often!

  3. These look so delicious! The red colour would look so beautiful at a party. and I can only imagine how good they taste! Definitely going to give a try!


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